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What do you think will happen to the NHS this winter?

Will be overwhelmed
Will cope, but under pressure
Will manage the pressures
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NHS Network IBD Collaboratives Network
A virtual network to support IBD teams that are participating in a quality improvement programme with The Royal college of Physicians. This is a short life ...
NHS Network IBD Nursing Resources
IBD nursing resources - to share good practice and helpful documentation
NHS Network chemical/x-pdb Identity Agent
The group is for IT Administrators and other people who have an interest in the NHS Identity Agent.
NHS Network Pascal source code IDUG: Internal Dosimetry Users Group
The Internal Dosimety Users Group (IDUG) is a group set up to share ideas and best practice for radionuclide dosimetry.
NHS Network IFR Panel
Screening documents for the IFR Panel
NHS Network chemical/x-pdb IG Incident Management
A group for NHS Professionals who manage or investigate Data Breaches & IG Incidents within the NHS
NHS Network Imperial Final FRCA Written practice course
Pan London revision course organised by Imperial School of Anaesthesia for trainees preparing for the next Final FRCA written exam
NHS Network Imperial Paediatric Haemoglobinopathy Network
Clinical network involving clinicians, social carers, therapists, laboratory providers, academics, trainees, imaging specialists, and allied health ...
NHS Network IMPRESS IMProving and Integrating RESpiratory Services in the NHS
Collaboration between British Thoracic Society (BTS) and Primary Care Respiratory Society-UK
NHS Network Improvement Science
Improvement science describes the generic tools, techniques and theory of how to improve any process or system.