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Requests: Events section changes + subscriptions to specific discussion forums within a network

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July 13. 2014
Mark Speller

My requests so far please:

1. Regarding entering Events:
(a) make the "Event ends" date automatically change to the same date we enter for the event starting, to make the process much quicker. Even better would be to have the "Event ends" time automatically set to 2 hours after the "Event starts" time, (as that is our usual event duration), although if possible an option to choose the default event duration.

(b) can the day of the week be added to appear automatically after a date is selected as people find this useful to remember when it is and it is also a useful "double-check" of the correct date being entered for the person adding the event?

(c) Defaultly display events in chronological order (rather than alphabetical or date added) starting with displaying the next event happening - otherwise it's confusing and events will be missed

2. Create the option (in settings) to subscribe to individual discussion forums within a network or at least be able to unsubscribe from ones that are of no relevance to the individual member, so as to avoid being bombarded with irrelevant emails.

These changes will be greatly appreciated - MANY THANKS!

July 29. 2014
Maria Axford


Many thanks for your suggestions.

I like the idea of members being able to unsubscribe to individual forums that are not relevant for them.

Suggestions for events sections are sensible also.

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