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Year of Care

The Year of Care programme has demonstrated how to introduce and embed personalised care planning in routine care for people with long term conditions (LTCs) using diabetes as an exemplar.

Implementing the approach in three diverse communities led to important learning for commissioners. This includes: 

  • How to commission care planning 
  • A practical guide to commissioning and delivery of non-traditional services to support self management through the third sector 
  • A new commissioning model for long term conditions.  It is driven by the needs of people with LTCs , addresses the QIPP agenda and provides a framework for redesign  of services across the whole health economy

This learning, including detailed practical information is included in: 

The Year of Care Programme worked closely with the Royal College of General Practitioners during the production of their reports:

The National Year of Care Training, Development and Support team have scaled up the care planning model to 12 other sites. There are 1000 trained health care practitioners and over 40 quality assured trainers across England. 

Further information on the Year of Care Programme can be contacted atwww.diabetes.nhs.uk  or enquiries made to: enquiries@diabetes.nhs.uk