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Leadership for Informed Practice

The Leadership for Informed Practice Programme is for senior nurses and midwives across the whole healthcare system and runs over 3 days, each day approximately a week apart. Various venues are available. The course is FREE to attend. For more information and to book visit: http://www.connectingforhealth.nhs.uk/lips If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact: clinicaldivision@nhs.net


}  Are nurses slow to innovate and adopt new approaches to delivering care?

}  Do you know what patients now expect with regard to information?

}  Do you know how to make sure you are counting apples and not pears?

}  Are we developing the necessary skills in our workforce for the future?

}  Could information governance get any more boring yet be so important?

}  When did patient safety become an IT issue not a clinical one?

}  Are we prepared for being visible?

}  Do you understand the potential for changing practice as a result of technology and the consequences?

These are all questions that professional leaders will need to be able to answer.  The world around us is changing and this means the context of care delivery is also evolving in response.  As always, professional leaders need to be able to respond to this changing political, professional and technical environment.  What may be different from the past is that in the world of informatics the pace of change seems to get faster and faster, adding a complexity and challenge that is new to our world.  This means as leaders we need to proactively think carefully about how we act and use information and technology to support the delivery of care. We also need to consider the skills the nursing and midwifery workforce will need in the coming years.

This programme is all about this context of leadership for the future.  In an environment where change is dynamic and unpredictable, where leadership skills are even more important, contemporary leadership needs to include the management and use of information and technology.  The programme will encourage participants to develop the new skills required in the competitive world of healthcare delivery to improve and deliver services in new ways.