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Creative inspirations - Arbury Court (PIC) Recovery Wall

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Creative inspirations - Arbury Court (PIC) Recovery Wall

The recovery walls were introduced to promote patient engagement and provide a focal point for recovery workshops. We aim to hold two workshops per week on each ward facilitated by staff and service user leads where possible. The group will select a topic initially, these have been drawn from the Recovery Star document. The selected topic is then discussed using what is essentially the 4 steps model, where am I now? Where would I like to be? How will I get there? What do I need to do? What support do I need? How will I know when I'm there? The walls are painted in chalkboard paint so are used as you might use a flipchart or white board. The service user is delighted the walls have made it to the network and is currently writing an article for the hospitals 'team brief' which will be the first service user article to be published in this forum.