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Graduate Diploma

Information about Graduate Diploma programmes, including curricula and work based learning guides

About the Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma programme supports a two-year work based route for Healthcare Science Practitioner training, recruiting existing science graduates to address a specific workforce need.  Programmes are currently available in Medical Physics and Clinical Photography. These Graduate Diploma programmes are expected to run for at least two academic years.

This section contains the current versions of the Graduate Diploma programmes and accompanying Work Based Learning Guides.

On this page you will find links to:

  • The current versions of each of the Graduate Diploma programmes
  • The current versions of each the Work Based Learning Guides

PHYSICAL SCIENCES (Medical Physics): Radiotherapy Physics; Radiation Physics; Nuclear Medicine; Radiation Protection (from 2014/15)

FROM 2013/14


PHYSICAL SCIENCES (Clinical Photography)

FROM 2014/15