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MoU Governance Group

North West London MoU Governance Group Meeting - 14th Jan 2016

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North West London MoU Governance Group Meeting - 14th Jan 2016

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West London GMC
Knowledge exchange for the West London Genomic Medicine Centre
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Year of Health and Well Being North West
The North West Year of Health and Wellbeing is the start of an ambitious decade-long movement to help everyone in the North West to feel good and live ...
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AQuA Lean Healthcare Learning Network
A network to support NHS organisations in the North West develop and utilise lean methodology. Open to AQuA members only.
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Greater Manchester Essence of Care
A Manchester based audit project looking at the DoH's Essence of Care benchmarks.
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Kensington & Chelsea South PCN
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Merseyside Pathology Network
Our Pathology Network is a cooperative NHS network to modernise and continuously improve services to our population within the resources available.
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