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QMK IMPACTE project archive

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QMK IMPACTE project archive

Quality:MK project (2007-2010): IMPACTE workstream (MKPCT / NHS Milton Keynes)

IMPACTE is a peer-led, practical tool through which GPs and other primary care clinicians in Milton Keynes come together to examine evidence on a range of topics, stimulating innovation and changes in practice, both individually and at practice level through evidence-based practice.

The tool evolved over the course of the 3-year Quality:MK project, progressing from ‘journal clubs’ in 2007 through Evidence Based Discussion Groups to IMPACTE groups in 2010. IMPACTE groups have continued to meet in primary & community health care teams across Milton Keynes since 2010, led by clinicians and supported by a Primary Care Librarian based at MKH Library Services.

Discussion summaries

Groups in primary health care

2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010

Groups in community health care



Toolkit for setting up and running an IMPACTE group.

PUNs and DENs notebook for noting clinical questions that arise during a consultation and how to find evidence based answers.