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Midwives Informatics Network is Live

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Midwives Informatics Network is Live

Welcome new members, if you complete your profile you can set up new reminders and share your details and experience. Don’t worry , this isn't compulsory! Let me know if you want to add LinkedIn links, documents events and information to share. Why not start a blog or comment

Jeanne and I are very pleased to see the membership list developing. If you are involved in Maternity Information Systems or Clinical Audit or managing Information that supports Maternity and newborn care, this site could be a good source of information peer support and networking.

We hope the membership will be active in including all sorts of links and multimedia to make this site as informative as possible,

This is a challenging time for Midwifery care, with IT and Informatics offering opportunities to actually achieve more for less. These are well rehearsed arguments, but achieving the changes that need to be made is difficult and time consuming. I hope we will be able to share case studies , where projects have gone well, or indeed, where there have been difficulties and lessons to be learned.....

Good luck, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Julie Tindale DHID and Jeanne Tarrant RCM