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TPN Infusion times

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September 01. 2016
Reena D Patel

We have a patient requiring TPN from Coram Healthcare (USA) and there is a delay in obtaining further supplies for her.

The CNM was asking whether we could extend the infusion times beyond 24 hours which is the maximum time we would allow any infusion to be up and running.  Coram Healthcare has advised that this is a clinical decision.   Does anyone have any experience of running a singe TPN bag for longer than 24hours? 

appreciate any advice I can get.

Thank you


September 02. 2016
Elizabeth Willis

Hi Reena

We don't have specific experience of the Coram Healthcare bags, but I have just chatted this through with our nutrition pharmacist who said running TPN bags in general over 24 hours is a big no no due to infection risk. She did  however highlight that the Braun 3 chamber bags can be run over 48 hours according to their SPC, but we have never done that here at Salford. So I don't know if you can look into the 3 chamber bags and their properties to assess if it could be clinically appropriate to extend the time you run the Coram bags?


Sorry I can't be any more help.



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