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July 02. 2015
Will Batten

Hi all,


A big ask, but has anyone got any information on 'triheptanoin', including where this could potentially be obtained from please.

We have a VLCADD patient where it is being thought about.

I am doing my own literature serach and MI enquiry but would be good if anyone has info. to share.



(Bristol Children's)

July 14. 2015
Adam Sutherland

Hi Will;

I looked into this a few years ago now, and you can't get hold of it anymore.


July 14. 2015
Susan George

Hi Will,

I looked into this as well as a couple of years ago.  I also concluded that it is not commertially available. A US company called Ultragenynx have currently got it in clinical development and have started trials in a couple of conditions.  

Kind regards


Sheffield Children's Hospital

July 23. 2015
Will Batten

Hi all,

Thank you for the help/information. Will report back if I find anything that think would be useful/interesting to you all.


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