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Ubidecarenone preparations

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May 25. 2017
Katharine Fok


I was just wondering what other centres used for coenzyme Q10/Ubidecarenone/Ubiquinone preparations.

We currently stock the Vitasorb drops 20mg in 20drops but this is proving less practical for patients on larger doses.

It would be really useful to know which preparations folk are using :)

Many thanks




May 26. 2017
Susan George

Hi Katherine,

We use a 50mg/5ml syrup imported from the US (LiQ-10 syrup).  It still needs quite lard volumes for the larger doses but comes in a 480ml bottle.  We get it through Mawdsleys.



Sheffield Children's Hospital

May 30. 2017
Will Batten


We use Lambert's 30 mg, 100 mg and 200 mg capsules here in Bristol.  If unable to swallow/enteral feeding tubes we advise piercing the capsule and using the liquid contents of the capsule.  Mixing with a bit of water (warmish) if needed for tubes.

We have seldom used a liquid in the past, 30 mg/5 mL obtained from IDIS but find this isn't very palatable as very oily and patients tended to vomit particularly after large volumes which are sometimes needed (plus more expensive).

Hope this helps,


(Bristol Children's)

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