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Riboflavin 5'-phosphate

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September 15. 2017
Adam Sutherland

Hi all;

left field request on a Friday.  Anyone got any experience using riboflavin 5'-phosphate (instead of plain riboflavin) - one of our consultants has an idea about it being better absorbed and more palatable.  

Ideally looking for an oral liquid formulation.


Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

January 16. 2018
Karen Burke

No experience with riboflavin-5-phophate, sorry, but on a similar-ish note - can I ask where people get liquid riboflavin from? We've managed with tablets thus far, but have some new, trickier patients who will need supplies from us.

many thanks

Karen (Edinburgh)

January 16. 2018
Adam Sutherland

Hi Karen;

We buy from Martindale Pharmaceuticals.  250mg in 5ml, 500ml costs about £150.

30 day expiry. 

January 17. 2018
Karen Burke

Thanks Adam - that's saved me a lot of work.


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