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L-Carnitine in MCADD audit/UK experience

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August 03. 2016
Will Batten

Dear all,

Here in Bristol the consultants are interested in L-carnitine supplementation in MCADD.  Currently its use is controversial and there are no consitent findings in publications.

I have looked at all our patients with MCADD in the South west known to the metabolic team in Bristol (n=35) and found that 37 % of these patients recieve L-carnitine.  (I have more results and conclusions that I am happy to share if anyone is interested.)

Obviously, this is a single centre experience of carnitine supplementation in MCADD but we are keen to know what is happening in other IMDs centres in the UK. This will provide us with a multi-centre/national insight into the matter.  Furthermore, we spend a substantial amount of levocarnitine, which may not actually be necessary for MCADD patients so may give some weight to a potential cost saving?

I was wondering if anyone would like to participate/get involved.  I am happy to share the data/spreadsheets I have here in Bristol to help and if it ends up being a poster etc for co-authors.  Feel free to comment on anything that could be improved or think is unnecessary.

Look forward to hearing from you.



(Bristol Children's)

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