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ERT to oral therapy - when to switch

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August 15. 2017
Paul Selby

Dear all,

Struggling to find a clear answer. When switching patients from ERT to either eliglustat or migalastat when are people starting treatment. I think theoretically we will be going for 2 weeks after last ERT infusion, and as such short half lives no need to start early to get levels up.

Has anyone else got any other plans/experiences?

August 25. 2017
Antonio Ochoa-Ferraro


I have found the following article, I hope it helps:


"When switching fromERT to eliglustat, in clinical trials therewas no

wash-out period between stopping ERT and starting eliglustat. It is thus

reasonable to start eliglustat within 2 weeks after the last ERT infusion."

August 27. 2017
Paul Selby

Thanks Antonio.

In response - I've not had any definitive information but it appears any time form 48 hours to 14 days is appropriate. We are expecting to change patients on day 14 due to comissioning (on the basis that ERT lasts for 14 days!) and a lack of data for anything else.


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