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ERT to oral therapy - when to switch

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Cheshire & Merseyside Speech & Language Therapy Permanent Hearing Impairment Network
A managed network of speech and language therapists who specialise in hearing impairment and work across Cheshire and Merseyside.
Keywords: ('network', 'Deafness', 'hearing impairment', 'hearing loss', 'speech and language therapy', 'speech pathology')
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Professional network to share ideas and advances in CBT.
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Computers in Therapy
RCSLT Clinical Excellence Network encouraging and exploring the use of computers as part of therapy and rehabiltation.
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Occupational Therapy in Acute Care
Keeping occupation in our role in the acute setting
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UK CNS Genetic Disease Gene Therapy Future Users Group
A national working group consisting of individuals representing the spectrum of genetic disorders that affect the central nervous system for which gene therapy ...
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West Midlands Oral Health Promotion Group
The group was founded to encourage the continued development of oral health promotion within the West Midlands for those with a remit for oral health education ...
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CHFT Stroke Rehabilitation
A resource for all staff involved in the care and rehabilitation of stroke patients in Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust
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Orthoptic professional network
A professional network for managers and clinical leads to share and disseminate information about developments and provision of orthoptic services.
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Pan London Critical Care Practice Development Network
A group for practice development and education staff from Critical Care Units in and around London
Keywords: ('critical care', 'intensive care', 'intensive therapy')
This network has been created to link professionals involved in sharing best practice and experiences in treating Scoliosis covering Surgery, Physiotherapy and ...
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