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D-Galactose Supplementation

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August 04. 2021
Reena D Patel

I have a patient with  Phosphoglucomutase -1 Deficiency CDG; 

I need to source D-galactose.

does anyone use this?  any ideas where to source ?

thank you 


August 06. 2021
Courtney Edrich

Hi Reena,

We looked into this in 2019, and identified D-Galactose powder (Vitaworld) in a 500g container sourced via Alium, imported from Germany. I am not sure to whether we have looked into this more recently to see whether there are any alternatives available. I believe the packaging is in German and it is marketed as a dietary supplement, not a licensed medicinal product. It came with a scoop which measures 6gram of powder. 

From memory we decided in-house that we would suggest a 28 day expiry once opening, due to lack of any info from the manufacturer. 

We put together an in-house PIL (see attached) - please note this was put together by our medicines information team, and has not been formally ratified. 

I hope this helps, 

Kind Regards

Courtney Edrich 

M.I pharmacy technician - Alder Hey 

August 10. 2021
Reena D Patel

thanks, Courtney

August 10. 2021
Reena D Patel

thanks, Courtney

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