Mainstreaming Telehealth to enable QIPP: Audience contribution at NHS Confed Workshop

This conversation started with a workshop at the NHS Confed on 24th June 2010. Eminent speakers shared their perspective on the imperative for and challenges to taking Telehealth from a state of pilot deployments to a mainstream model for delivering health services. The session was fully booked and very well attended. Workshop participants gave feedback on the barriers they saw, and their views, on what needed to be done for the adoption of telehealth into the mainstream. The workshop audience provided feedback through Pink and Green Post-It notes. This document captures that feedback and categorises the original contributions (to a large extent). A summary of the contributions according to the categories is posted on the blogs in this network. Please visit the blog to read the current state of the conversation and contribute your thoughts.

PDF document icon Mainstreaming Telehealth for QIPP Post-it notes.pdf — PDF document, 214 KB (219991 bytes) application/pdf, 214.8 KB

Date: 30 June 2010