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Helping smokers quit in London

Repository of the materials from the 18-month London Clinical Senate-sponsored programme to help all smokers quit in London: adding value to every clinical contact by treating tobacco dependence

The Clinical Senate asked all London’s health organisations to commit to CO4:

  1. The ‘right’ COnversation for every patient and staff member who smokes that gives him or her a chance to quit, referring if necessary.
  2. Make routine near-patient (i.e. desk-top, bed-side and home) exhaled carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring by clinicians possible: “Would you like to know your level?”
  3. COde smoking status and the intervention so we can evaluate effectiveness – including death certification.
  4. COmmission the system to do this right: so the right behaviours are incentivised systematically.

The documents listed below have been developed by the programme to support clinicians, commissioners and others to implement the CO4 message.

For more information go to http://www.londonsenate.nhs.uk/helping-smokers-quit/