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MOSQuITO meeting schedule and Terms of Reference

Meeting schedule:

  • Meetings will be held quarterly, usually March, June, September and December.
  • Dates will be agreed at the meeting before. 

The venue of the meetings will follow an agreed cycle, which may be subject to change following the agreement of members.

  • Birmingham
  • Nottingham
  • Worcester
  • Derby
  • Wolverhampton
  • Coventry      
  • Shrewsbury
  • Leicester    

Terms of Reference of MOSQuITO

1. Name of Group

MOSQuITO (Midlands Organisation of Specialists in Quality Improvement for Therapeutic Oncology)

2. Purpose

The group exists to co-ordinate and promote inter-departmental co-operation and support in all areas of quality management in Radiotherapy across departments in Central England, primarily the West Midlands plus parts of Trent.

The group’s aims include:

  • To facilitate sharing between members of information, expertise and learning in all aspects of quality management relevant to Radiotherapy [RT] service delivery, for the mutual benefit of member services
  • To provide mutual guidance on relevant national and international legislation, best practice, professional guidance and quality improvement initiatives
  • To provide members with specialist peer support, particularly those new in post
  • To increase the understanding of all aspects of quality management within the wider RT professional community
  • To promote the role of RT quality specialist practitioners
  • To be a resource of specialist expertise in RT quality management issues for the wider RT professional community 
  • To promote and support interdepartmental audit within the group

3. Frequency of meeting

  • Meetings will be held quarterly, usually March, June, September and December.
  • Dates will be agreed at the meeting before. 

The venue of the meetings will follow an agreed cycle, which may be subject to change following the agreement of members.

  • Birmingham
  • Nottingham
  • Worcester
  • Derby
  • Wolverhampton
  • Coventry
  • Shrewsbury
  • Leicester

4. Membership of group

A list of current members is maintained by the chair.

Full membership

  • Full membership is open to the Radiotherapy and Radiotherapy Physics quality lead from all NHS providers of RT within central England, regardless of professional affiliation.
  • Members may bring an appropriate colleague to meetings, or send a deputy if unable to attend.

Associate membership:

  • Representatives outside the group’s geographical area may be invited to attend.
  • Such departments would not be expected to host meetings.

Note: Departments who express an interest in joining but are unable to attend meetings may be included in email communications.

Representation at meetings:

If a department is unrepresented at three consecutive meetings, the Chair will contact the Quality Representative to clarify the department’s commitment to the organisation and to request an explanation for the absence with a view to offering appropriate support, from within the resources of the organisation, to a department experiencing local difficulties. If a department has been unrepresented at meetings for a period in excess of 12 months, with no clarification or explanation, it will be assumed that they have resigned their membership.

Where a reasonable explanation is offered, the Chair will agree conditions of future membership with the department. Options include:

A suspension of membership, with an option to rejoin once local difficulties are resolved, with an agreed time limit for a review of the situation. Email communication (e.g. minutes) may be continued during this time.

Resignation as a full member, with the option to request inclusion in email communication, either short term or long term.

5. Officers

The group will elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer: tenure will be for two years, re-election is acceptable.

6. Responsibilities

The Chair, or Vice-Chair will:

  • chair meetings
  • nominate another to chair in the event of both their absences
  • communicate on behalf of the group with professional bodies such as SCoR, PHE, CQC etc
  • assist the meeting host in production of the agenda, and review the minutes before distribution
  • maintain a list of names and contact details for current members.

The treasurer will:

  • maintain in a safe, secure manner any funds held by the MOSQuITO group, by liaison with the finance department of the account holding Trust, and act as the account signatory
  • keep a record of the departmental allocation of monies that may be used, on formal request to the group, by each member department (see 9. below)
  • arrange for the payment of any requests made to the MOSQuITO group once agreed
  • manage the invoice and payment process for any courses or study days arranged by the group (including cost of room hire / catering)  
  • provide a statement of the accounts for each meeting of the group.

The meeting host will:

  • notify members of details for the next meeting, including directions, and request agenda items
  • prepare an agenda and circulate it prior to the meeting

The host of the subsequent meeting will:

  • collate department reports to include with the minutes
  • compile and circulate minutes and supporting documentation prior to the subsequent meeting.

Members will:

  • take an active part in the group’s activities, either by attending meetings, or contributing to the e-group activities
  • prepare a report for each meeting and submit an electronic copy for inclusion with the minutes
  • contribute relevant items to the meeting host for inclusion in meeting agendas
  • feedback to the group from professional meetings and study days or conferences attended
  • contribute a completed proforma at least annually containing information regarding QS status and /equipment/ techniques/software in use in their department for circulation to the rest of the Group.

 7. Meetings

  • Group meetings will be quorate for decisions when 60% of full member departments have a representative present. This includes decisions taken regarding the allocation or distribution of Mosquito funds. 
  • All meetings will be held under ‘Chatham House Rules’, to be restated by the Chair at the start of each meeting
  • When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. - See more at: https://www.chathamhouse.org/about/chatham-house-rule#sthash.daZkJ0rt.dpuf
  • Meetings will follow a standing agenda with additional AOB items taken when necessary
  • An afternoon session to follow the standard agenda may be convened to facilitate a teaching session based on selected topics agreed by members.
  • Apologies for absence should be forwarded by the day before to the Chair or meeting host.

8. Departmental reports

Members will prepare a summary report for each meeting containing information such as QMS status, external assessments, current projects and developments (e.g. equipment/ techniques/software), any issues or risks identified and learning opportunities from incidents. 

9. Finance

MOSQuITO does not plan to be a profit making organisation.

  • Any income generated by the group is available for projects which benefit all departments represented, e.g. funding of workshops / presentations. It is held in an account in one of the member’s Trusts and is subject to NHS regulations.
  • Further to this there is an agreed departmental allocation, of which a record is kept by the treasurer, which is available for individual department use for the funding of courses / travel or any relevant proposed use. Any request to utilise these funds must be made to the MOSQuITO group chair / treasurer. Each request to use the departmental allocation must be agreed by one of the officers (see 5. above) and at least one other member.

10. Audit Training

MOSQuITO will hold Audit training courses on an ad hoc basis, with the aim of training new auditors to meet the requirements of the departments represented as and when the need is identified.

  • Requests to train new auditors based in departments outside the organisation are normally declined but are dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Priority will always be given to trainees based within member departments.
  • The registration fee in force at any given time relates to the offer price for member departments. A higher price may be charged for registrations from non-member departments.
  • The Chair reserves the right to refuse places on a course, after consultation with relevant members, especially where information is presented to suggest that the applicant would not be a suitable candidate for training 
  • Requests for course places are processed through a nominated MOSQuITO member.
  • No places will be assured without a hard copy or faxed copy of an official registration form bearing all required information.
  • All forms must be signed by the applicant themselves.
  • All forms must contain an invoicee name and address, or be accompanied by payment in full.
  • The Chair’s decision on each application is final.

Note: There will be 2 – 3 trainers to run each course, and all member departments are encouraged to provide at least one experienced auditor as a trainer so that the workload can be spread. For each department that provides a trainer for a course, a free trainee place will be available on that course.

An invoice request is raised for each organisation sending trainees to the course after the course has taken place.

As a condition of booking, no refunds will be possible for trainees wishing to withdraw from the course but a place at a future course may be offered, subject to individual circumstances and availability.

If a trainee withdraws but provides a registration form for a replacement trainee prior to the course date, the place may be taken by that replacement without any further charge being incurred. Neither the Chair nor any other member has the right to waiver this booking condition, unless the replacement trainee is considered to be an unsuitable candidate for training, or does not work in an oncology department within the MOSQuITO catchment area.

  • Every effort will be made to meet the individual requirements of trainees attending, (e.g. dietary requirements, etc.) the organisation accepts no responsibility for the availability of special foods, access equipment, special lighting, large print etc. The course fee is set to reflect the economic pressures on the NHS rather than the comforts and facilities of more formal training venues.
  • Trainees will receive a pre-course pack by email at least two days prior to the course date. Where delays are expected, and trainees have supplied email addresses or telephone numbers, every effort will be made to contact trainees accordingly.
  • Trainees are required to read the pre-course material before attending.
  • Trainees will be given further material on the day which guides the trainee through the course and serves as an aide-memoir.
  • All material provided by MOSQuITO should be treated as copyright. No unauthorised duplication of any material is permitted.
  • Each course will be evaluated by the trainees using a structured questionnaire. These are handed in to the lecturers on the day. Anonymity of trainees is preserved.

Trainees wishing to formally complain about any aspect of the course should initially take up their concerns with the lecturers on the day. If the matter cannot be resolved, details of the complaint should be put in writing to the Chair. Dissatisfaction liability is restricted to the value of the registration fee, which is refundable at the sole discretion of the Chair in consultation with members and lecturers.

11. Relationships

The Group maintains strong links with LASER [London and the South East Radiotherapy QMG].

Minutes of meetings may be circulated by each group to the other, and there is an open invitation for representatives to attend each other’s meetings. 

12. Review of Terms of Reference

ToR to be reviewed biennially, at each change, or re-election, of Chair.