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RTQSIG / LASER meeting schedule and Terms of Reference

Quarterly meeting in March, June, September and December.

2021 Meetings:
Tue 13.4.21 on Team
Q3/Q4 meeting date/time to be confirmed


Terms of Reference of LASER

1. Name of Group

London and South East Radiotherapy Quality Managers Group: 'LASER QMG'

2. Purpose

  • To facilitate sharing between members of information, expertise and learning in all aspects of quality management relevant to Radiotherapy [RT] service delivery, for the mutual benefit of member services
  • To provide mutual guidance on relevant national and international legislation, best practice, professional guidance and quality improvement initiatives
  • To provide members with specialist Peer Support, particularly those new in post
  • To increase understanding of all aspects quality management within the wider RT professional community
  • To promote and enhance the status of Radiotherapy quality professionals
  • To be a resource of specialist expertise in RT quality management issues for the wider RT professional community 

3. Frequency of meeting

  • Meetings will be held quarterly. Dates for meetings in the forthcoming year will be set in December. At the end of each meeting, the venue of the next will be agreed.

4. Membership of group

  • A list of current members is held by the secretary [see para 6].
  • In order to remain within a practical size, the maximum geographical area of the group is set as the South Eastern corner of England, boundaried by Ipswich to the North, and Southampton to the West.
  • Full membership is open to the Radiotherapy quality professionals from all NHS providers of RT within this area, regardless of professional affiliation.
  • Membership is also open to Radiotherapy quality professionals from the private sector, however they may be unable to share other members’ written documentation due to issues of intellectual property rights and potential conflicts of interest.
  • Members may bring an appropriate colleague to meetings, or send a replacement if unable to attend.
  • Associate membership is open to any Radiotherapy quality professionals quality lead from within the group area who is not able to regularly attend meetings, but would like to communicate with the group via email.

5. Officers

The group will elect a Chair, vice-Chair and a Secretary: tenure will be for two years, re-election is acceptable.

6. Responsibilities

The Chair, or vice-Chair will:

  • Chair meetings
  • nominate another to Chair in the event of their absence
  • communicate on behalf of the group with professional bodies such as SCoR, PHE, CQC etc
  • assist the secretary in production of the agenda, and review the minutes before distribution

The Secretary will:

  • notify members of meetings and ask for agenda items
  • prepare an agenda and circulate it prior to each meeting
  • compile and circulate minutes and supporting documentation within a month of the meeting
  • maintain a list of names and contacts of current members to be included in the minutes
  • maintain the database of departmental information [see para 8]

Members will:

  • take an active part in the group’s activities, either by attending meetings, or contributing to the e-group activities
  • contribute relevant items to the Secretary for inclusion in meeting agendas
  • feedback to the group from professional meetings, conferences attended
  • contribute a completed proforma at least annually containing information regarding QS status and /equipment/ techniques/software in use in their department for circulation to the rest of the Group

 7. Meetings

  • Group meetings will be quorate for decisions when 60% of full members are present
  • All meetings will be held under ‘Chatham House Rule’, to be restated by the Chair at the start of each meeting
  • Meetings will follow a standing agenda with additional AOB items taken when necessary

 8. Departmental reports

At Spring and Autumn meetings, members are encouraged to share a completed proforma containing information regarding QMS status and /equipment/ techniques/software/staffing level in use in their service, for circulation to the Group. 

9. Relationships 

The Group maintains strong links with MOSQuITO [Midlands Organisation of Specialists in Quality Improvement for Therapeutic Oncology].

Minutes of meetings may be circulated by each group to the other, and there is an open invitation for representatives to attend each other’s’ meetings. 

10. Review of Terms of Reference

ToR to be reviewed biennially, at each change, or re-election, of Chair.