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Session 2: Influencing skills

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Level 2 Psychological Skills
'Level 2' psychological skills are the advanced skills possessed by many health professionals working in cancer and palliative care.
Keywords: ('cancer', 'psychological skills', 'adjustment', 'distress', 'screening', 'self-care', 'oncology', 'palliative care')
Leading for Quality (KSS)
Network for participants of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex 'Leading for Quality' programme. A place to find key documents and share ideas with fellow network ...
Keywords: ('leadership', 'influencing skills')
ACE Wave 2 resources
A network for all project members involved in the ACE Programme Wave 2 (MDC pathways)to access shared resources.
Keywords: ('mdc', 'resources', 'ace')
This is a network for CLAHRC PRINCE2 graduates to collaborate and share ideas or problems.
Keywords: ('PRINCE2', 'Project management', 'CLAHRC', 'Project', 'Management', 'Collaboration')
Confident practice manager NHS Wales Cohort 2
This network is to support delegates who are taking part on the Confident Practice Manager NHS Wales Cohort 2 programme
Keywords: ('confident', 'practice', 'manager')
Cytogenetic Trainees Route 2/Equivalence
This network is intended as a platform for discussion, sharing of ideas, projects, learning materials and advice etc among Acquired Cytogenetics Pre-Reg ...
Keywords: ('pre reg',)
Influencing the Future Leadership Alumni
This network is for alumni from the Influencing the Future Leadership Programme, focusing on Pathology modernisation by creating a forum for professional ...
Keywords: ('Competence Framework', 'Clinical Leaders network', 'Leadership', 'Communications', 'Networking', 'Pathology', 'Learning', 'Collaboratives', 'Partnership working', 'Information-Giving', 'Collaborative', 'Information Sharing', 'Collaboration', 'Networks', 'Excellence')
NHSI Retention Support Programme Cohort 2
This is a closed network for trusts within cohort 2 of the Retention Support programme to share information and good practices, whilst offering a closed ...
Keywords: ('nhsi', 'retention', 'support', 'programme', 'improvement')
PAM Knowledge, Skills and Confidence Network
A shared learning platform for all sites using the Patient Activation Measure
Keywords: ('skills', 'confidence', 'knowledge', 'pam')
Renal Clinical Research Skills Forum
The Renal Clinical Skills Research Forum is open to renal trainees or consultants with an interest in developing clinical research.
Keywords: ('renal', 'kidney', 'ckd', 'research', 'epidemiology', 'collaboration')