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KSS Antimicrobial Pharmacists Network

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West Midlands Education and Training Pharmacists Group
This group is made up of Education and Training pharmacy leads from all hospitals within the West Midlands.
Keywords: ('west midlands', 'pharmacy', 'education and training')
Yorkshire & Humber Neonatal Pharmacists Network
Specialist Neonatal Pharamcists based in Yorkshire and Humber. The aim is to improve networking, share ideas and pose questions to colleagues in the region.
Keywords: ('yorkshire pharmacists', 'neonatal pharmacists', 'paediatric pharmacists')
AMSChange Manchester
Network for AMSChange master trainers. Antimicrobial stewardship. Behaviour change.
Keywords: ('master trainers', 'antimicrobial stewardship', 'behaviour change')
GP Spotlight South East
This is a closed network for the members of the NHS England project GP Spotlight on Perinatal Mental Health in the South East (Kent, Surrey and Sussex)
Keywords: ('perinatal mental health', 'nhs england', 'gp champions', 'kent', 'surrey', 'sussex')
NHS Commissioning- Language Testing
Information on language testing of European Economic Area / European Union healthcare professionals.
Keywords: ('Supporting Primary Care Trusts in language testing for European Economic Area / European Union healthcare professionals- doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists',)
Neurology Specialist Pharmacist Group
A networking group for neurology specialist pharmacists and place to share information and ideas
Keywords: ('specialist', 'pharmacists', 'neurology')
Ophthalmic Pharmacist's Group
A discussion forum for Hospital/Community Pharmacists and Technicians who have an interest in Ophthalmology.
Keywords: ('hospital', 'pharmacist', 'ophthalmology', 'community')
South West Antibiotic Pharmacy Group
Network for antibiotic pharmacists in the south west region
Keywords: ('Antimicrobial', 'SWAG', 'Antibiotic', 'South West')
Trauma & Orthopaedics (T&O) Pharmacist Network
Network for T&O pharmacists to discuss clinical topics.
Keywords: ('t&o', 'trauma and orthopaedics', 'trauma & orthopaedics', 'ortho', 'trauma', 'pharmacists', 'pharmacist;')
West Midlands Pharmacy Operations & Patients Services Group
Subgroup of the West Midlands Chief Pharmacists Group which discusses issues related to the management of Pharmacy Operations & Patients Services
Keywords: ('west midlands', 'chief pharmacists subgroup', 'dispensary', 'pharmacy')