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Kent and Medway Allied Health Professional Leads

Diagnostic Radiography - International Recruitment

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SW recruitment of Diagnostic Radiographers (from LL email)

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East Midlands Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centres (Pilot Scheme)
This is a closed NHS Networks group for the East Midlands Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centre (MDC) group members, to encourage sharing of information and ...
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SW Children's Palliative Care Network
Links and resources for SW Children's Palliative Care Network.
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SW Genomic Medicine Centre
This is a network for the South West Genomic Medicine Network. Members can access files related to the 100,000 Genomes Project, contribute to discussions on ...
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SW MH Medicines Management Exchange Group
Network for pharmacy/medicines management staff working in Mental Health settings across the South West of England.
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Streamlining Recruitment Network
Streamlining is a regional programme steered by the Local HR Directors network to provide a consistent and efficient way of operating within our Human Resource ...
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DMuDB User Group
This is a network for the Diagnostic Mutation Database user group - a place to share ideas and information about the resource, and to provide input to guide ...
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E-Rostering Benefits Group
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EOE Healthvisitors
Site to share best practice across three workstreams for the Health Visitor Initiative project in the east of England The three workstreams are: Re energising ...
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GM Resourcing and System Special Interest Group
A networking group to share information about our SIG group
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National PCD network
A network for the pan England PCD Diagnostic and Management service.
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