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Telehealth: PHMR Vital Signs Summary and Development

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The summary of the WebEx on Thursday 28th June about Vital Signs measurement units has been posted to the NHS Networks site.

The discussion looked at the proposed vital signs the PHMR message would carry, what units these should be measured in and to how many decimal places. The document can be found at -  Telehealth: PHMR Data units Summary

There was a lot of discussion during the call, which I personally found very informative. I would like to thank all those who contributed and helped us get to this point.


The development effort is now underway and we expect to release a version of the specification for review around the 17th of July and the final version around the middle of August.  Availability of the specification will be posted to the NHS Networks site. The actual specification itself will be available from the, separate, TRUD site - http://www.uktcregistration.nss.cfh.nhs.uk/trud3


Also available from TRUD is the CDA Checker tool. This automates testing of the messages created using the specification.


Feedback and questions about the published message specification can be sent directly to the development team be emailing - cfh.interoperabilityteam@nhs.net or to me for forwarding; see below.

We are also looking for interested parties to agree to be First of Type implementers of the message. If interested please either email me directly or post a comment on the NHS Networks site.

In September we will host a meeting in London to review progress and implementation activity. We will also continue the work started on the other three high priority message types, Clinicians Response, Referral and Click Through. The meeting will be advertised on NHS Networks.

Once again many thanks for your assistance in helping us get to this point. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me using the details below.


Richard Trusson

Technical Architect: Telehealth

Department of Health Informatics Directorate

email: richard.trusson@nhs.net


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