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Telehealth: PHMR Coded Entries List

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A list of coded entries supported by the Telehealth PHMR message for ranking by organisations

The Telehealth PHMR is capable of carrying a number of items of information, from the obvious ones such as weight, blood pressure etc.to the not so obvious such as AllergyPropensity. The linked list is a high level view of all the coded entries or ‘readings’ that PHMR, could carry. For things such as blood pressure there are sub categories, for example was it a systolic or disystolic reading. However what is not currently captured is was the patient sitting, standing or lying down.


What is now needed is for each organisation to assign a rank the measurements according to your organisations needs. We would like you to rank these based on is it important or not or easy or hard. So if you need Blood Pressure and weight and your devices support these readings you would list these as important and easy. If you need to record in the patient was standing or sitting when taking blood pressure but your devices do not currently support capturing this information it would be listed as important and hard. AllergyPropensity might be assigned easy but unimportant.


So for example, given that this message is intended to go from the Telehealth service provider to, for example, a GP dose the message need to carry information on the patient allergies. Would that not already be in the GPs system? What about diagnosis? Again this, should, already be known to the GP. But what if the data were accessed by A&E/ out of hours? Would it be useful in that case to include the diagnosis?


Any entry preceded by Device is specific to telehealth. All other information points are CDA templates, used to encode information, imported from other uses.


A WebEx will be scheduled for 30th May to present this list and go through the measurements. Online discussion is welcomed before then or you can contact me, Richard Trusson, directly.


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