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Telehealth: Next steps

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Building on the successful Telehealth Messaging meeting hosted by Intellect earlier this year and with the recent publication of the consolidated requirements we want to initiate work streams to move telehealth messaging forward. Discussions with the 3 Million Lives campaign have also highlighted the importance of this work to support their efforts.

There are a number of stages to advancing the good work done at the Intellect meeting;

  • publish requirements (done)
  • get agreement the requirements are ‘good enough’
  • Create working groups to
    • create a draft message definition
    • create the Release Candidate message definition
  • engage in First of Type testing

To do this we will host a number of, initially, WebEx meetings for each message type. The first of these will look at the Personal Health Monitoring Report (PHMR). This is the most advanced of the message definitions and will lay the foundations for organisations as they mature in messaging needs. Below are a list of dates and meetings to move the PHMR into first of type testing.

However to get there we need to agree that the published requirements are ‘good enough’ and that is the purpose of the WebEx on Thursday.

  1. Thursday 24th May 12:30, WebEx, “Are the PHMR requirements good enough?”
  2. Wednesday 30th May 12:30, WebEx, “PHMR Vital Signs: What’s missing?”. Discuss the list of vital signs and other information included in the PHMR and assign them priorities -offline.
  3. Thursday 14th June 12:30, WebEx, “PHMR Vital Signs feed back” – this will launch the work to create a Release Candidate Message
  4. Wednesday 18th July 12:30, WebEx, “PHMR: RC Publication” – PHMR RC message specification is released.

Once we get this work stream underway we will be looking to initiate the remaining work streams to take the “Click Through”, “Clinicians Response Message” and “Referral Message” to First of Type testing.

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