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Telehealth Priority Use Cases and Requirements

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By the end of March we want to have an agreed set of requirements and defined work packages to address the use case priorities output from the telehealth meeting. To do this we need your help in the form of contributing to the requirements discussions on this site and taking part in the conference calls we will organise.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and review the results of the meeting.

The workshop at Intellect (resources posted to this site) produced a lot of interesting material for us in the NHS Technology Office. One, of the most useful, was the priority matrix for the use cases. This showed that there is a need for integration solutions to;

  • easily refer patients to telehealth (UC001)
  • enable a clinician to monitor a patients vital signs (telehealth readings) (UC007 and UCX12)
  • support a clinician to inform a telehealth service about changes to a patients treatment (UC010)

What we now need to do is to expand the requirements for each use case, agree on them and then agree a final priority for delivery of each use case. How will we do this? Certainly not by handing down a dictate from on high! 

Three discussion areas have been established on the message board of this network; 

To provide the context, each discussion thread includes an expansion of the relevant use cases and then invites you to supply requirements for each.

We would encourage you to participate in and contribute to the discussions on each of these use cases.  Please feel free to contribute to any or all of the discussions as we need to understand the requirements for each individual use case. If you do not we won’t know about it and the solution will not be as relevant as it could be.  Alternatively if you have any general questions please start up a new conversation.

In addition to these online discussions it is our intention to set up a number of conference calls such that we can discuss the use cases and debate the requirements in more detail.  These calls will be arranged over the next six weeks or so and details will be published via this network. The intention is that by the end of March we can move forward and start developing actual solutions to satisfy the stated needs.


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