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PHMR: Data Model strawman

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An outline and invite to meetings for the next steps of the PHMR work.

As you know work has been progressing on defining the next version of the Telehealth Personal Health Monitoring Report message. The message that will carry vital sign data and nurse notes from telehealth service providers systems to other subscribed systems, e.g. GP Systems or Personal Health Records.


We have now reached broad agreement on the types of data that should be carried by the message; see the consolidated feedback report here. This was arrived at after the initial review workshop at Intellect, a number of conference calls and direct input from various organisations.


We now need your involvement to help complete the next phase, agreeing the data model. This starts on Thursday 21st June at 12:30, conference call invite attached. During this call we will present the straw man data model for discussion and feedback. Excerpt at the end of this email.


A follow up call on Thursday 28th June at 12:30, will discuss the feedback and reach agreement on the data model for the next version of the PHMR.


The next milestone is the Release Candidate message specification. To reach this we need your involvement in contributing to, refining and testing the message as it’s developed. Please email me directly to register interest or speak up in one of the conference calls.


Once we have a Release Candidate message specification we will be asking organisations to implement this as a ‘First of Type’.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, otherwise I look forward to hearing you on the conference call on the 21st.




Richard Trusson                 Technical Architect: Telehealth

email: richard.trusson@nhs.net

Phone:  0113 397 4305

Mobile: 0773 697 7245



To add the Data Model Strawman meeting on the 21st to your calendar use the link below:



To add the Data Model Feedback Review and Agreement meeting on the 28th to your calendar use the link below:



The table below is an excerpt from the proposed Blood Pressure data model.


Data Item

Data Item description



reading batch id

A unique identifier (UUID) to identify a set of readings for a stated time period for a given device instance.



blood pressure reading time

When (date and time) the blood pressure reading was taken.  



Systolic pressure

The systolic pressure. Measured numerical value expressed in millimetres of mercury  mm[Hg].



Diastolic pressure

The diastolic pressure. Measured numerical value expressed in millimetres of mercury  units mm[Hg].



threshold id

A pointer to the id of the threshold template which holds this information

*see threshold template



cuff size

Size of any cuff which is used to take the arterial blood pressure.




Position of patient whilst measurements are being taken e.g. Standing, sitting, lying supine



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