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PHMR: Consolidated Coded Entries Review

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The document detailing the results from the coded entry review exercise is now available.

I have created a consolidated view of the feedback from the PHMR coded entries review. Many thanks to all who took part in this. It was very interesting to read the comments.

All comments / notes have been included in the document. Any note in bold is an answer to the question asked in the text immediately above it.

When reading this document the interesting points, I think, are the final few rows where new templates are proposed. So we need to have a discussion about how to cater for these - do we actually need new templates or is the generic data capture template, row 10, good enough?

I would also like to discuss the final proposed template - location. A PHMR could contain readings from a number of locations. Should the location setting be tied to each reading or to the message? Again I welcome the discussion on this.

The document is here - PHMR: Consolidated Coded Entries Review

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