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About the Interoperability Toolkit - ITK

The Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) is a set of national standards, frameworks and implementation guides to support interoperability within local organisations and across local health communities.

The ITK is not a piece of software; it is not a product which is downloadable from this website.

Over the years, the NHS has experienced a market where individual application vendors have developed bespoke interfaces or variations of standard interfaces. The NHS is faced with a situation where attempting to integrate applications is overly complex and increasingly expensive.

The ITK is targeted at reducing this complexity and therefore expenditure by introducing a unified specification for system interoperability within the English NHS.


By publishing a series of common specifications and then by policing the deployment of those specifications through the ITK accreditation scheme, the ITK will bring a level of standardisation to the market.

Now at Release 2 the current specifications and supporting documentation of the ITK, including the Trust Operating Model can be downlaoded from TRUD


To access the specifications you will need to register and subscribe to the various sub packs within the release.