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August 04. 2011
Dominic Mellon


I'm Dominic Mellon, a Public Health Specialty Registrar at NHS Gloucestershire and I've been supporting Hazel Millar, Head of Health Improvement, to develop an integrated healthy lifestyles strategy for the county.

We thought it might be helpful to have a shared resource for other public health professionals working in this area to network and share positive and negative experiences.

NHS Networks is a great platform for this as it can provide a discussion forum, a place to share files securely, a mailing list function and a lot more.

Please start a new thread introducing yourself and the work your involved in and hopefully our network will grow into something really constructive.

Kind regards,


August 12. 2011
Clare Harland


I'm Clare Harland, a Health Improvement Commissioner with NHS Telford & Wrekin. We have been working on a Single Point of Access to Lifestyle Risk Management services. We are currently running a pilot embedded at First Point at our Civic Offices which is an exsiting single point of access for council services, this will provide a walk in service and a call centre.

We are keen to network with other areas developing similar projects and have already had really useful contacts with a number of colleagues.


August 13. 2011
Hazel Millar

Hello and welcome to you too Clare, and others who have recently joined the Network.

As Sue Weaver has mentioned in her profile, in Gloucestershire we are working on developing more integrated healthy lifestyle services, including single point of access and capacity building of frontline staff etc. I'd be happy to share our proposals as they develop, and am aware that some of you in other areas are way ahead of us in the process, so we greatly appreciate your views and progress.

In addition and as part of the above, I am interested in exploring the potential of multiple heath behaviour change (MHBC) - theory and practice - and wonder if anyone else is looking into this or aware of where there are examples of good practice in the UK? I'm aware of research into poly-behaviours / MHBC in the US and here in the UK (Bristol, Exeter, Scotland).

Best wishes to all

Hazel Millar (Administrator of the IHLS Network)

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