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About us

Improvement science is the body of knowledge that describes how to make things better than they are now - in a rational, logical, planned, measured, safe, creative, agile and innovative way.

The NHS has a long pedigree of improvement - traditionally through clinical research improving the practice of care and more recently focussing on audit to improve the process of care. In the last decade we have seen the development of the NHS Modernisation Agency and then the NHS Institute who have been the vanguard of building a culture of continual improvement. The tools, techniques and theory that they both have gathered, assessed, re-engineered, tested and shared are all part of what is becoming called Improvement Science. This new NHS network is for anyone who has been, is and wants to be part of the new paradigm - one that delivers improvements in healthcare safety, quality, delivery and affordability. Never has there been a greater need and greater appetite for improvement. The scouts have returned, there is a path, we now need to straighten it, widen it, smooth it, and use it. 

The Smiley Face logo is deliberate - if improvement is not challenging, exciting, and fun all at the same time then we are not doing it as well as we could.

Simon Dodds