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IMPRESS IMProving and Integrating RESpiratory Services in the NHS

IMPRESS Guide to Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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IMPRESS Guide to Pulmonary Rehabilitation

New guide for commissioners and providers of pulmonary rehabilitation services (PR) as part of an integrated COPD service available from http://www.impressresp.com/Home.aspx

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) reduces morbidity, mortality and hospital attendances in people with COPD disabled by their disease.

  • PR should receive commissioning priority given its proven clinical and cost effectiveness and relative value compared to many of our other interventions for COPD.

  • The more components of the COPD pathway work- ing together in an integrated multi-faceted pro- gramme, including an interface with self-manage- ment support, quit smoking support and oxygen assessment, the more likely there is to be a positive effect.

  • This paper reviews the evidence, explains what PR is, how it works, its value and why it should be com- missioned.

  • It supplements the Commissioning Pack for COPD to be issued by the DH England, including a section on PR (due early 2012).

  • It answers the questions asked by commissioners who may have no current service, a service with insufficient capacity, one that does not meet patient’s expectations, or one that is failing to achieve accept- able completion rates.