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2014/2015 Cohort 1

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June 22. 2016
jane soden

Hi all, i attended the life science themed board meeting yesterday and wanted to pass on some useful info regarding the ARP process we are currently completing.

There was a discussion about ARP - most of which is covered in the correspondence we have had recently from NSHCS. 

I spoke to Suzanne Chamberlain personally after the meeting about OLAT and below have listed the key bits of useful info:

- The contract with OLAT expires next year and as a result it is unlikely it will be renewed as not really fit for purpose for HSSTs

-The current ARP process will NOT involve assessing what trainees have entered onto OLAT. So, if you have not been using it, there's no need to panic and start now! :)

-All competencies to be filled out on the ARP spreadsheet and evidence stored anyway you prefer. For example, on your own work hard drive. This could be potentially transferred to a new platform in the future if necessary.

-if you have been using OLAT fully (very few trainees) and wish it to be assessed then they will do so.

-can still use OLAT for MSF, assessments if you prefer.


Hope this is of some help in completing your ARP paperwork! 

The new ARP framework is a lot more relevant for HSSTs than OLAT is and having this as a guide now should really help us with planning our work to cover the relevant competencies.

Full feedback from the meeting will be issued in due course.




June 24. 2016
Isabelle Delon

Thanks Jane,

that makes me wonder if there is any point using OLAT at all! Is there any indication that the school has a plan to transfer OLAT data onto the new system if any?


June 24. 2016
jane soden

Hi Isabelle,

basically the impression i got was that there is no point using OLAT. 

unfortunately i don't know how they would plan to transfer work from OLAT to a new platform when the time arises but Suzanne did assure me that work wouldn't just disappear! 

The contract with OLAT ends early-mid 2017 so until then we have it in its present form. 

Personally, i think i will just record my evidence in my own way as i don't want to waste my time uploading to a system that wont even get reviewed by the school.

Perhaps, i could contact her and ask for an official communication regarding this?


June 24. 2016
Isabelle Delon

I think that would be a very idea as some of us may plan to spend significant time to log things in OLAT. I think for the assessments we don't really have the choice at the moment but logging in evidence for competencies does seem like a waste of time.



June 30. 2016
jane soden

Hi, i have checked again with Suzanne and she and/or Mike will put together an official communication regarding this but they won't have time to fo this over the next couple of weeks.

in the meantime she asked that i advise you as follows:

'I would advise HSST trainees not to worry about uploading evidence to OLAT. There is no plan or intention to look at evidence on OLAT for ARP – we will only look at OLAT for MSF, and this will only be if the trainee alerts us that they have completed an MSF exercise on OLAT.

That said, it is important the trainees are saving evidence of their continuing development and progression somewhere. So, a trainee may look on OLAT for the kinds of competencies/assessments they should complete, but they may choose to store the evidence of that competency/assessment elsewhere (e.g. in a Word file on their own computer). If a trainee is already using OLAT, then they might want to continue doing that.'


hope this is helpful



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