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Life Sciences HSST trainees

2014/2015 Cohort 1

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MAHSE HSST oversight group meeting 12/11/2015

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December 22. 2015
Ronnie Wright


I thought this would be the best place to feedback to you about the MAHSE meeting i attended in November. I had been waiting for meeting minutes before putting a summary together.

There were a number of items on the agenda which weren’t particularly relevant, or of fascinating interest… such as having an FRCPath representative on the meeting board, contract signing and re-negotiation between stakeholders and MAHSE marketing DClinSci and CPD units outside of the HSST programme.


I fed back a number of points:

That there were positive overall feelings from trainees about the Manchester Business School delivery of leadership/management units.

There were some issues about timing of the contact days and conflicts with the demands from other HSST stakeholders (ie FRCPath exam dates). They responded that measures had been taken to address these issues through deferral and that future Life sciences cohorts are likely to undertake the A components later on in the 5 year HSST programme.

I had some requests to raise issues which I felt were the remit of the NSHCS and not MAHSE (eg OLAT). I explained this may have been confusion over my role as MAHSE student representative but it was more likely that there is confusion over where the remit of each stakeholder within HSST begins and ends. They agreed and re-iterated that some of the delays and miscommunication is because there needed to be collective communication, agreed by all parties and coordinated by NSHCS.

I mentioned that no official communication has been sent out about the agreement that MAHSE will allow life scientists to use FRCPath pass (part 1 AND part 2) as the section B component of DClinSci. They agreed something would be drafted and sent out.


Other points discussed at various stages which I considered to be relevant for us included:

Attendance: A minimum of 75% attendance is required. Make sure you sign the attendance register for both days.

Penalties for late submission of assignments: 10% reduction per day for 5 working days, then a mark of 0 (unless there are mitigating circumstances).

Networking: MAHSE are happy to facilitate an online forum via their website if it would help us to answer questions for each other and alleviate delays in official communication from stakeholders. I'll contact you further about this but i feel that is exactly what we have here, i just need to encourage non-genetics life scientist HSST trainees to join the forum.


Best Wishes



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