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A5 assignment 1

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June 02. 2016
Ronnie Wright

I've just posted this on the blackboard A5 threads. Anyone else struggling to grasp the concept of what we're actually supposed to produce?



Is anyone else struggling with how to actually perform a research 'needs analysis'? I have a chosen area/topic that i'll use but all the resources that i can find about research calls are invitations to tender. Presumably these are produced after a needs analysis has been undertaken to identify/prioritise the research questions, which are then sent to tender.


Many of my efforts to find resources have lead me towards either training needs analyses or gap analyses, which seem to be more about getting from a state at present to a known, desired state in the future. Research, on the other hand, doesn't really have a known future state as we don't know exactly where it will lead us. I'm not sure whether these gap analyses are useful.


Are there any examples of research 'needs analysis' that people have found? on any topic at all? At the moment I can only envisage me producing a review of the literature around my chosen topic which (as far as i can tell) doesn't satisfy the assignment question.



June 03. 2016
Chris Holmes

Hi Ronnie,

the best resource I've found so far is the James Lind Alliance (jla.nihr.ac.uk). The processes they use (creating a priority setting partnership group) is a bit beyond what we can do for the assignment, but it's helping me formulate a plan on how I might tackle it. It may be possible to create a 'virtual' PSP by gathering information from patient group websites relevant to whatever topic you choose, or relevant opinion articles/editorials from leading healthcare professionals). This can then be used to marry the research gaps (identified in a literature review) with the perceived deficiencies in existing services/treatments to come up with a set of research needs which I'll try to prioritise.

Hope that's of some use,


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