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2014/2015 Cohort 1

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Innovation project

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July 27. 2016
Joanna Farrugia

Hi, has anyone stared their project yet? Are the declaration/request forms different from the larger project? Thanks.

August 25. 2016
Tom Bullock

I haven't started my project. In fact I have no idea what I am going to do! I have suggested a couple of ideas for the ICS project that could then lead into a C2 project but they have not been well received. Possibly not in line with strategy, but as we aren't included in high level strategic planning it's hard to know what to do. The e-mail from the university with timescales yesterday was useful, but it would have been good to have that earlier on in the course. I've now got a number of weeks to come up with a project to do for the next 3 years! (C1+C2)

To say that this HSST course is challenging would be a massive understatement.

October 10. 2016
Ronnie Wright

Following a few queries about the innovation project/research components C1 and C2, I've messaged the administrators at MAHSE to see about the possibility for a Q&A session next week during our days at the business school.

Can people give me an indication on here whether this is something everyone would like? And what kind of questions any potential MAHSE person is likely to encounter.

I think an open discussion about some of the issues people are facing at their workplaces might help to canvas people's opinions and may help others to resolve issues they are facing.

PS. It was agreed by Nathan Proudlove earlier on in the course that George Burghel could share the life sciences student representative responsibilities, so we will be attending the HOG meetings between us now and you may begin to receive shared communications from the both of us.

Look forward to seeing you all next week


October 11. 2016
Kathryn Jones


I think this would be massively helpful! We will have a little think here in Liverpool about some potential problems so we can bring things along to stimulate discussion - but I think the more guidance here the better.


I for one have never really done any research at this kind of level, and making sure we come up with something suitable is so hard. At the end of the day, we all work in diagnostic laboratories, and finding a project that will generate new knowledge and have a useful impact on the department we work in is actually an incredibly tricky thing. Without knowing at the start what you might find (for eg doing clinical exomes in a cohort of patients chosen by one of the Clinicians you work with who has a special interest) - it is hard to make a case that the work will be of benefit to the lab? Whereas implementing a new service into your lab would be hugely beneficial, but may not generate any new knowledge, or lead to work that could be published? Are other people having the same problems or am I just not very good at this?!


Timing this could be complicated, as a number of us Life Science people who deferred will be in with cohort 3, so if it is just going to get added in to one of the cohort 1 sessions could you let us know please? Thanks for looking in to this for us.

October 11. 2016
Chris Holmes

Ronnie, I'd find it useful to have a Q&A at the next Manchester session if that can be arranged. I'm not doing C2 (hopefully), but I'd definitely like to get more of an idea what they are expecting from C1, and C2 in case I have to do it. 



October 11. 2016
jane soden

Thank you Ronnie, i would appreciate the chance to discuss this and request further information. 

i haven't actually yet thought about a research project and have no idea what i will do.

i also haven't got any thoughts on C1 innovation project which is worrying as we received communication that we need to submit this in a couple of weeks.

i also wanted to clarify - i am part of the group who deferred the A leadership modules for a year and therefore will not complete my Unit A part until end of year 3. Should this therefore mean i should be deferring starting C module until all A modules are completed? otherwise i will be concurrently completing A3, A4 and A5 at the same time as C1?

I would welcome the discussion with other HSSTs and MAHSE.


October 11. 2016
Ronnie Wright

So it seems people would like a Q&A session if this is possible to arrange. I'll reiterate this desire and see whether something can be sorted.

There is a recorded version of the 'projects and how they fit together' webinar on NSHCS website by the way in case anybody hasn't seen it (https://www.nshcs.hee.nhs.uk/events/item/184-webinar-the-hsst-projects-and-how-they-fit-together).

I have concluded from people's statements (here and elsewhere) that:

Some of us feel we would benefit from a general overview of what MAHSE are expecting from us at each of the various stages in C1 and C2.

Some are concerned about the fixed deadlines for each stage and would like to know how flexible these might be (particularly MPAD and those in year 3 but who started 6 months after 1st intake).

Some would like to know how C1 and C2 fits in for those who deferred leadership modules.

Some are not necessarily lacking in ideas but are concerned that things need to align both to departmental objectives and MAHSE requirements (and may be encountering difficulties because of this). Is there any way of establishing clarity among departmental training officers/supervisors about what MAHSE are expecting?

Some would like to know more about the allocation of academic supervisors.

Please think of any other questions and continue discussion on here if it might be helpful.


October 11. 2016
Sophie Laird

Hi Ronnie,

This sounds like a great idea. Could we try to get information about specific requirements for the C1 project given the impending deadline for the proforma. Things such as the length of the short report would be useful: Pam Valley during the webinar mentions 4,000 words but I can't find this written anywhere. Also, more information about the organisation of the spoken presentation- does there need to be a MAHSE rep there? Do patients have to be present? Perhaps we can again prompt about the project handbook but I know this is an ongoing discussion.



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