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Life Sciences HSST trainees

2014/2015 Cohort 1

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NSHCS Life Sciences Themed Board Meeting

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February 15. 2016
Kathryn Jones

Hi All,

I have my first meeting next week with the school in my role as rep on the Themed Board for Life Sciences.

Thanks to those of you who have completed the survey I sent out so far - if any more of you can spare the time it would be really useful. Even if you feel you don't have any issues at the moment, the answers to some of the questions are really important to get a sense of how everyone is approaching things.

Are there any issues any of you specifically have to raise? A recurring theme so far seems to be the problems with OLAT, so if any more of you are having problems, please let me know so that I can include the comments. There also still seems to be a large amount of uncertainty about what is required of us regarding FRCPath and the DClinSci so I will try and get some clarity there.

I think at the moment this forum is only open to a limited number of us? Would you like it to remain that way or would you rather it was opened up to more disciplines/cohorts? Part of my role is to improve communication between trainees and I am starting to look at ways of doing this. If you want to keep this one limited another option is to have a Life Sciences forum open to all cohorts. All opinions appreciated!

If you have anything you would rather raise privately you can email me at kathryn.jones@lwh.nhs.uk. All of the responses to the survey are anonymous, so you don't need to worry about anything there!



February 16. 2016
Ronnie Wright

Hi Katy

I dont know whether people have noticed, but i have changed the name of the group to 'Life Sciences HSST trainees'. Since having the MAHSE life sciences rep role it has been my intention to try and encourage others to get involved with this forum (specific subject threads can be added if necessary), i'm just awaiting contact details of life scientists from MAHSE. I've found that many of the queries could be clarified amongst ourselves on here.

Re clarity on DClinSci and FRCPath (especially project elements), i completely agree and have been e-mailing MAHSE contacts about that.

They have been very good, and open with me. I had mistakenly interpreted from Pam Vallely's announcement at the NSHCS meeting in October that the agreement between MAHSE and the college was confirmed and finalized. They've said that although an unofficial agreement has been made, they are still talking to each other about the exact details (esp re what elements can be used for both awards etc), so rather than send out information which might change, they thought better to wait until these are confirmed.

Although I think the agreement will need to be between MAHSE and the college, it would be good for you to see what NSHCS have to say about the project elements and where the innovation project fits in. My current understanding is that we are likely to have to do 2 projects, but if the DClinSci project is accepted as evidence by college then the NSHCS's innovation in clinical sciences (ICS) project may not need to be quite so expansive. Just my interpretation of course, i'm sure all will become clear... eventually.


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