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Volunteer to be involved in Diagnostic Odyssey Task and Finish Group

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EM Adoption task & finish group
Task and finish group from across East Midlands to develop principles to be recommneded across the region in relation to NHS number and adoptive childrenand ...
Keywords: ('adoption', 'nhs number')
Durham and Tees Property Networking Task and Finish Group
Task and finish group to ensure that the estate within Durham and Tees is used to its maximum capacity.
Keywords: ('durham', 'tees', 'estate', 'property', 'facilities')
East Midlands Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centres (Pilot Scheme)
This is a closed NHS Networks group for the East Midlands Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Centre (MDC) group members, to encourage sharing of information and ...
Keywords: ('east midlands', 'ace', 'mdc', 'earlier diagnosis', 'vague symptoms', 'danish model', 'referral')
Malnutrition Task Force
Our aim is to Influence behaviour at every level to reduce avoidable and preventable malnutrition in older people in hospitals, residential care settings and ...
Keywords: ('dignity', 'nutrition', 'undernutrition', 'regulation', 'community', 'policy', 'dehydration', 'malnutrition', 'older people', 'commissioning', 'care homes', 'residents', 'hospitals')
NHS volunteer responder scheme network
Forum to receive feedback on the NHS volunteer responder scheme.
Keywords: ('nhs', 'volunteer', 'responder', 'scheme')
Northamptonshire AIR (Actively Involved in Research)
Northamptonshire AIR (Actively Involved in Research). Clinical research is essential for finding new treatments, improving service delivery ...
Keywords: ('northamptonshire', 'involved', 'actively', 'nurses', 'research')
DMuDB User Group
This is a network for the Diagnostic Mutation Database user group - a place to share ideas and information about the resource, and to provide input to guide ...
Keywords: ('diagnostic', 'database', 'ngrl', 'dmudb', 'clinical genetics')
CCG Network
Network of professionals involved in Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), and those with a professional interest.
Keywords: ('Network of professionals involved in GP Consortia, and those with a professional interest.',)
National PCD network
A network for the pan England PCD Diagnostic and Management service.
Keywords: ('primary ciliary dyskinesia', 'paediatrics', 'diagnostic management')
Peninsula Pathology Network
Network for anybody with an interest in NHS pathology services across the South West Peninsula, with a particular focus on the review of services commencing in ...
Keywords: ('england', 'diagnostic services', 'nhs', 'path', 'laboratory', 'path services', 'pathology', 'biochemistry', 'microbiology', 'screening', 'pathology services', 'peninsula', 'blood', 'services', 'immunology', 'histopathology', 'labs', 'cytology', 'south west', 'blood services', 'diagnostics')