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February 13. 2020
Richard Windle
Hi! I started the HSST Network with the idea that trainees in any cohort, and indeed those who (eventually) graduate, can raise topics in Audiology and we can discuss them openly and privately. If I use the spiel of the NSHCS, there should be a discussion amongst "current and future leaders of the profession" about how we take the profession forward. I didn't necessarily expect we'd just discuss (and moan) about the HSST, but I'm sure that'll come up too. Kai, and Kevin Munro, were also very keen that we got something like this running. Kevin used the example of an ENT network run by UCL who are now working collaboratively on research and trying to impact their profession. Maybe we could head the same way and start to respond as "the HSST group" to stuff coming out of BSA and BAA? (I'm sure there are some divisive issues about to raise their heads). Up to you. Please tell me what you think.
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