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Public Health England intends support for HLP concept

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November 07. 2013
Deborah Evans

Dear all

A press release was issued on behalf of the Pharmacy and Public Health Forum to affirm its continued support of the Healthy Living Pharmacy concept.

Professor Kevin Fenton, Director of Health and Wellbeing in Public Health England, indicated that HLPs were likely to be a key focus for his organisation and that PHE intends to support project leadership at the national level.

Professor Fenton said at the meeting that HLPs had “an excellent track record and that community pharmacy adds significantly to the health and wellbeing of the population. We have seen the power of the HLP model, where staff are enabled to proactively engage with the public on the provision of health messages and information to increase their wellbeing”

Lord Howe continued his support of the initiative “I am delighted that more pharmacies across the country are choosing to become Healthy Living Pharmacies. There are already more than 2000 health champions in local communities providing sexual health advice, helping people to stop smoking and reduce their alcohol intake. Their work is clearly popular with the public and even more people are set to benefit in the future from their expert advice on how to lead healthier lives.

“The work of Healthy Living Pharmacies is also great for the development of pharmacy teams, they can see the difference they are making to people in their local communities and are motivated to use their skills better.”

There are now over 720 accredited HLPs, over 2100 Health Champions and an anticipated 1300+ pharmacies to be accredited by end March 2014.

The full press release can be accessed on the RSPH website:


Kind regards



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