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Change4Life alcohol resources

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September 06. 2012
Deborah Evans

Change4Life started to promote healthy drinking behaviour in February this year.  They produced leaflets to communicate how exceeding the recommended alcohol guidelines can be detrimental and increase a persons risk of cancer and stroke.  They also created a handy online drinks checker. The drinks checker is a simple interactive tool which helps people check just how much they drink and provides tips for cutting down. You can access the app here:  http://www.nhs.uk/change4life/pages/understanding-alcohol.aspx
This year C4L alcohol activity will be running in October and in February. October will be communicating the drinks checker via on-line advertising and partnership activity.  They are asking partners to either embed the drinks checker in to their internal and external websites as well as provide incentives for people to use the drinks checker.  They are targeting partners to provide offers on activities and products/services which would act as a displacement to drinking, obviously physical activity is key to this but so would be non-alcoholic drinks such as Robinsons no sugar fruit squash.
In February, there will be another alcohol push, mainly involving TV advertising.  Here’s the ad that ran in February which is likely to run again, although maybe using a cut down version.
Change4Life have asked for healthy living pharmacies to be engaged so do please share with yours. Leaflets can be ordered from Change4Life from Rachel Tattersdill
email: rachel.tattersdill@23red.com



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