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We have 79 HLPs and going up daily!

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March 09. 2012
Deborah Evans

Dear all


Hoping you are very well, and as we move into the final formal month of the HLP pathfinder programme, wanted to send an update. The Pathfinder programme set out with four main objectives in May last year, supported by the pharmacy organisations and the Department of Health. We wanted to:


1.       Have at least 100 healthy living pharmacies in at least 4 different areas, with different demography

2.       Support 100 healthy living pharmacies in pathfinder sites to generate evidence of effectiveness

3.       Define and support local and national leadership to make it happen

4.       Identify and be in a position to support enablers including engagement and training


Much has been done on the above and we are extremely excited about the success that all of us together have achieved. We are very close to meeting our 100 HLP target; the current progress report suggests the following:


·         79 pharmacies now across 6 areas confirmed to have their HLP status; several more in areas identified as being signed off before end of March

·         381 Healthy Living Champions qualified across 11 areas

·         213 Healthy Living Champions trained and awaiting their results in 4 areas

·         36 in training and several other areas yet to confirm results

·         401 individuals received leadership training across 11 areas

·         105 have delegates to attend leadership events over next month or so; several areas yet to confirm numbers


The above is outstanding and we should all be immensely proud of the enablers that have been put into pharmacy; with a bit more information and areas completing their sign-off plans we should meet the objective of having 100 HLPs. This would be a great achievement and one I am looking forward to sharing with the trade press (and beyond). Can you please keep me updated as to the number of HLPs you sign off between now and the end of this month! This is extremely important for us to manage significant stakeholders within the NHS and your help would be much appreciated. If you have not given me numbers in the first three columns of the report then please do. Areas coloured in yellow have let me have their February data but I am still outstanding a few.

Regarding the next phase; evaluation of HLP impact. The evaluation protocol contains some important information on how we would like services evaluated and whilst we accept this may not be entirely practicable, if at all possible please follow this guidance. This will help us to get as much consistency as possible and may feed into a bid for a broader piece of research. Erika will be in touch soon with some more information and to guide you through the reporting process.


Finally, a huge thanks to you all for your continued enthusaism and excitement about the HLP programme. We are making something special happen and it is a pleasure for all of us in the PSG to work with you to effect change on this scale.


Have a great weekend and keep in touch about those HLPs!!


March 13. 2012
Elizabeth Shepherd

81 now

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