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Raising awareness - of interest to HLPs?

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October 16. 2012
Deborah Evans

1. Awareness  / Vulval Pain Leaflets

Dear all

I spoke about the role of community pharmacy at a Public Health conference last week on women's health and was approached afterwards by Sabine

Tyrvainen (Mob: 07765151978). Sabine highlighted to me a little known condition around Vulval Pain and was interested in the concept of HLPs. we know that HLPs often tackle sensitive issues and that Health Champions signpost to resources and organisations that can help. I therefore thought you would be interested ot know more and may wish to send to your HLPs. Sabine writes:


2012 surveys report 12% of women experience sexual pain, which translates into a figure of 2.2 million women in England and Wales. Our aim is to increase awareness for vulval pain issues and I would really appreciate placing our vulval pain leaflets in Healthy Living Pharmacy stores and help promote awareness of chronic vulval pain issues.


If you are interested and let me know a postal address, I would like to send you a Vulval Pain Society (VPS) handbook which contains relevant information and a good overview of vulvodynia research, treatment and management. 

Further patient oriented information is also available on the VPS website http://vulvalpainsociety.org/vps/


Kind regards


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