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Sexual Health Awards

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Cheshire and Merseyside Sexual Health Network
CMSHN works with commissioners, clinicians and non clinical staff to improve access and quality of care for clients; and to increase communication to share ...
Keywords: ('Sexual Health',)
Greater Manchester Sexual Health Network
The Greater Manchester Sexual Health Network is the UK’s first comprehensive Sexual Health Network and includes amongst others HIV, genito-urinary medicine, ...
Keywords: ('Teenage Pregnancy', 'Contraception', 'Abortion', 'STI', 'GUM', 'Family Planning', 'Greater Manchester', 'sexual health', 'Prevention')
North East London Sexual Health & HIV Network (NELNet)
Sexual Health and HIV across the North East of London. The North East London HIV & Sexual Health Clinical Network (NELNET) was established in 2003 to support ...
Community pharmacy sexual health promotion
This network comprises community Pharmacists with an interest in promoting sexual health in the community through their practices.
Keywords: ('Pharmacy Based Sexual Health Services',)
Schools and Sexual Health Services Network
This free email network run by the Sex Education Forum supports professionals to share good practice relating to SRE and sexual health with a particular focus ...
Keywords: ('sexual health services', 'SRE', 'schools', 'young people', 'sexual health', 'free')
Sexual Health Network for Hertfordshire
Formed in April 2009, this Sexual Health Network originally covered both Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. By November 2010 this network had reformed to ...
Keywords: ('nursing', 'health advisers', 'Bedfordshire', 'Hertfordshire', 'sexual health')
The Luton Sexual Health Network
To improve the sexual health and wellbeing of Luton's population through the provision of coordinated and integrated sexual health within a managed service ...
Primary Care Interest Group
The Primary Care Interest Group is a sub-network of the main Sexual Health Network for Hertfordshire.
Keywords: ('Bedforshire', 'Hertfordshire', 'Health', 'Sexual')
North Yorkshire and York SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) Project: Virtual Working Party Network
This network is only for members of the virtual working party delivering the Outcomes Action Plan under the North Yorkshire &York SARC (Sexual Assault Referral ...
Keywords: ('sarc', 'north yorkshire and york')