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Following a commitment from pharmacy organisations to support the implementation of Healthy Living Pharmacies (HLP) pathfinder sites in England, a Pathfinder Support Group has been formed. We include representatives from each of the national pharmacy bodies (CCA, NPA, PSNC and RPS), and representatives from the Department of Health and Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE). Deborah Evans leads this group on behalf of the national bodies.

This group will identify and plan what will be offered by the national bodies to support pathfinder sites for HLP implementation. This is a limited piece of work, which is expected to conclude by April 2012. Recommendations will be made to the Chief Executives of the organisations represented to secure some resources to take this work forward.

Group members include:

Project lead: Deborah Evans

CCA: Omar Shakoor

CPPE: Chris Cutts

Department of Health: Gul Root

NPA: Leyla Hannbeck

PSNC: Barbara Parsons

RPS: Catherine Duggan


1.       Have at least 100 locally quality-marked Healthy Living Pharmacies (HLPs) in at least 4 different pathfinder sites with differing demography by end of March 2012

2.       Generate evidence of effectiveness, benefits (to commissioners, contractors, the pharmacy community and public) and value for money from pathfinder sites; evaluate evidence to influence national policy, in the future

3.       Support local and national leadership to make it happen

4.       Support enablers within pathfinder sites including engagement and training


The Group is accountable to the Chief Executives of the organisations they represent.  

The Group will meet on a needs basis. The Group will consist of representatives from the following organisations: Department of Health, NPA, CCA, PSNC, RPS and CPPE

The Sponsor group is the Chief Executives of the organisations.