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HIV LES meeting 8th July 2014

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HIV LES meeting 8th July 2014

Thanks for coming to the last HIV LES update in July. Hope to see you at the next one on Nov 24th if you were unable to attend. We found the discussion during and after the presentations very useful. In particular the idea that the Lawson Unit nurses have a directory of your by-pass numbers and a short description of the easiest way to contact your surgery and book a patient in should they need to. This would be a relatively rare occurrence, usually after a patient has been triaged by our nurses and had their condition classified as 'not HIV related, but needs to be seen. Please forward these details if you have not done so already. We also had a good discussion about drug-drug interactions. We’re VERY keen to make sure your practice drug databases have the current antiretrovirals listed on them, so that absolute contraindications e.g. ritonavir and fluticasone, will be flagged. We will try and be more proactive in pointing these out specifically in the clinic letters. It would also be very useful if you could send us an annual print out of their recent medical history and current drugs. Finally we will continue to work towards sharing our blood results as much as possible, with the ultimate aim of having, at least a proportion of the results available on the ICE system. Please find attached the talks for those of you unable to attend. Please let us know if there's any topics you would like us to cover at the next HIV LES update session