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Annual flu-jabs - no interaction with HIV meds!

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Annual flu-jabs - no interaction with HIV meds!

In response to a query from a BHIVA member about information being given by some GP practices to patients requesting flu jabs, the HIV Pharmacy Association of the UK (HIVPA) statement on flu vaccine and antiretrovirals is as follows: It has been reported that some GP computer systems are giving the following high severity warning for influenza vaccination: “Drug to Drug interaction. Avoid antivirals for at least 2 weeks after immunisation; avoid immunisation for at least 48 hours after stopping the antiviral.” The HIV Pharmacy Association of the UK advise that there is no interaction between the flu vaccine and antiretrovirals. In summary, patients with HIV patients should: 1. Have a flu vaccine as advised in Department of Health guidelines 2. NOT STOP their antiretrovirals With kind regards Professor Chloe Orkin (Chair, British HIV Association (BHIVA))