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Hip Fracture Perioperative Network (HipPeN)

Hip Fractures and Type of Anaesthesia

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Hip Fractures and Type of Anaesthesia

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Yorkshire Hip Fracture Anaesthesia
Primarily a forum for anaesthetists in the Yorkshire region responsible for hip fracture anaesthesia. Aims to provide guidelines and discussion.
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Anaesthesia Quality Improvement
Forum for anaesthesia quality improvement projects.
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Anaesthesia-Revalidation Peterborough
Network devoted to cycle of revalidation for career grade anaesthetists in Peterborough & Stamford NHS Trust
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East Yorkshire School of Anaesthesia Journal Watch
A forum to disseminate and discuss recent journals that may be of interest to others within the region. Please click on discussions and find any articles that ...
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London Neonatal Anaesthesia Network
This is a network for anaesthetists with an interest in neonatal anaesthesia. It is a forum for paediatric anaesthetists to collaborate and share expertise and ...
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RVI Anaesthesia
The RVI Anaesthesia network is open to all permanent members of the RVI Department of Anaesthesia.
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RVI Obstetric Anaesthesia
A network of obstetric anaesthetists in the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle-upon-Tyne
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Emergency Laparotomy Network
Emergency Laparotomy is a high risk procedure that is associated with significant morbidity and mortality, particularly in the elderly patient. This Network ...
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Friday five
Sharing recent advances in anaesthesia at Princess Royal University Hospital
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GOSH Gas Alumni
A forum for all anaesthetists (past and present) who have worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children NHS Foundation Trust. Follow us on twitter: ...
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